November 27, 2018

2nd Annual NY Chief Data Officer Executive Summit

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About the New York Chief Data Officer Executive Summit

The New York Chief Data Officer Executive Summit is an invitation only event. Executives meet to collaborate and share best practices as well as establish leadership skills to enhance their organizations ability to impact the local and global business climate.

Amenity Analytics CEO Nathaniel Storch presented with Moody's Corporation's Gabriel Pauliuc, MD Global Head of Data Management and Steve Dock, Chief Product Owner in a session titled Integrating AI Into the Data Toolkit

Session Description:

AI capabilities can take on an obsessive following in many organizations, but most fail to determine the most strategic value drivers. The challenge to integrate AI into an organization is a substantial undertaking for many organizations and true case studies are hard to come by until now

  • Discover the latest updates and a real life AI use case
  • Find out best practices in selection and appointment of an AI tech platform
  • Learn how to measure ROI and strategies to scale AI projects


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