How to Read Earnings Call Transcripts Faster

Learn how Amenity Viewer allows you to read earnings call transcripts faster by navigating commentary using Key Drivers and Participants for more effective analyses.

Amenity Viewer applies natural language processing to earnings call transcripts, allowing you to quickly read and analyze the document in terms of financial Key Drivers and call Participants

This allows you to easily navigate earnings sentiment within the Transcript View which is comprised of 3 main areas:

1. Heading and Actions

2. Navigation

3. Transcript Display

Transcript View

Navigating Earnings Transcripts by Key Drivers

You can use the navigation area to read the transcript faster by reviewing only the paragraphs that Amenity Analytics highlights. The highlights are grouped into categories called Key Drivers

Selecting a Key Driver will expand the view to show the extractions of positive and negative earnings commentary for that particular Key Driver:

Selecting an extraction will navigate you to its location within the document and highlight it with a gray background, allowing you to easily view the commentary in its larger context:

The highlights in the navigation can be sorted by number of Negatives, Positives, Total (of all events), and Net Score (positives minus negatives):

Navigating Earnings Transcripts by Participants

You can also navigate the document according to Participants in terms of sections and speakers. Selecting a section will expand the view to show the speakers for that portion of the earnings call:

Selecting a speaker will navigate to the corresponding section within the transcript:

Transcript text provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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