How to Use Amenity Viewer

New to Viewer? Use this guide to learn everything about Viewer from signing on to accessing all the features.

1. How to Access Viewer


After you log in for the first time, you will receive an email to verify your registration.

If you forget your password, click on Forgot Your Password?

If you do not have an account, click SIGN UP at the bottom of the page and register with your company email address.

2. Setting-Up Your Portfolio

Enter as many companies as you want to start your portfolio.  You can always add or remove companies at any point.  Amenity Analytics covers thousands of companies with published earnings reports in the English language.

3. Viewing the Latest Transcripts

Amenity Analytics partners with leading data providers like S&P Global Market Intelligence and FactSet for transcript access.  The timing of when Amenity Analytics receives the transcript can vary, but typically we will have transcripts in Viewer within 3-5 hours of the end of the call.

4. Amenity Score

The Amenity Score is a weighted score ranging between -100 and 100. Positive events will increase the score while negative events will lower the score. 

5. Company View

Clicking on a company row will expand it to show a summary of the top 5 Key Drivers that Viewer detected in the transcript. In the example below the chart on the right is a four-quarter historical trend in the Amenity Score. The links correspond to the company's recent 4 transcripts.

6. Reading and Navigating Transcripts

The transcript view is separated into 3 main areas:

1. Heading and Actions

2. Navigation

3. Transcript Display

Heading and Actions

The heading displays the title of the transcript which lists the version of the document, the ticker, region and company name as well as the event date in EST timezone. 

The document version is dependant on our data providers (See: 3. Viewing the Latest Transcripts).

You have the option to print the transcript using by selecting the Print button (See: 8. Printing a Transcript).

You also have the option to annotate the transcript by selecting the Annotation button (See: 7. Annotations).


The navigation contains two tabs: Key Drivers and Participants.

Key Drivers: Viewer highlights extractions and groups them into Key Driver categories. This allows you to quickly navigate the document by selecting categories of extractions to view in detail within the transcript.

To navigate by Key Driver select one to expand and view the corresponding extractions; selecting an extraction will move the document to the location of the extraction inside the transcript text and highlight it with a gray background:

Use the drop down menu to sort events by number of Positives, Negatives, Total Events, and Positives-Negatives.

Participants: Viewer groups all the speakers by call topic. Selecting a participant will navigate the document to the relevant section in the transcript.

Transcript Display

The transcript display shows three pieces of data:

1. Call time - the date and time of the earnings call

2. Transcript analysis time - the date and time the transcript analysis was completed by Viewer

3. Transcript publication time - the date and time the transcript was published by our providers

Events discovered by Viewer: meaningful transcript text is highlighted in red (negative) and green (positive) throughout the document

Hovering over the highlighted text allows you to view the corresponding event type.

7. Annotations

There are cases where you may find text that you feel should be highlighted, but is not yet detected by Viewer. You can customize Viewer's model to include similar texts in the future and add the appropriate highlight by adding an annotation.

The annotation you create will only be visible to you and not to other users in the application. To add an annotation:

1. Select the Annotation button at the top left of the transcript view and highlight the required text

2. You can categorize the annotation using the drop-down menu

Likewise, you can change your annotation or an existing highlight by hovering on a highlight and selecting Edit or Unmark. Again, any changes will only be visible to you.

A notification of any annotation or highlight change is sent to Amenity Analytics.

8. Printing a Transcript

To print a transcript:

1. Select the Print button on the top right of the transcript display to launch your system's printing options

2. Select the appropriate paper size

Please Note: Selecting Letter/A4 will match the highlights appropriately on your printout. If the highlights are not aligned to the page, make sure your printer settings match your paper size selection.

3. Selecting "Other" will show all the highlights as a list on the side of the page

9. Query Insights

Query Inisghts allows you to search on highlights made by Viewer across all analyzed transcripts. Using the search feature can help you find how market trends and events affect different companies.

Query Insighst is currently in Beta, and shows only the top 50 results as ranked by Viewer. Amenity Analytics selects the top market trends on a weekly basis, and adds them to the suggested searches at the top of the Query Insights page.

Query insights is covered in detail in our Using Query Insights page.

Transcript text provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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