Using Query Insights

Learn about using Query Insights in Amenity Viewer to search for sentiment across all the transcripts that Amenity Viewer has analyzed.

Query Insights allows you to search on highlights made by Amenity Viewer across all transcripts analyzed. This feature is currently in Beta, so it shows only the top 50 results ranked by Viewer.

Search to find how market trends and events affect different companies. You can search for exact terms by using quotation marks.

Suggested Searches presents top market trends that have been pulled by Viewer, allowing you quickly view results based on the corresponding Key Driver noted in the Search text.

Using Suggested Searches

Selecting a Suggested Search will automatically search based on the Search text. In the example below Inflection Point was selected from the Suggested Search list to start the search query. The top 50 results are presented, showing the instances where the phrase Inflection Point was captured in extracted events across all transcripts analyzed by Viewer.

Search Results

Results will display not only the keywords and phrases you enter, but also related terms, expanding your query to deliver broader and smarter results. For example searching for "Black Friday" will display results for earnings sentiment where the term Black Friday appears as well as results for related terms like "Cyber Monday" and "Holiday Season."

You can sort search results by any of the columns. In our example Franklin Covey Co. (FC) stands out with 4 matches where Inflection Point appears in the earnings transcript.  

Matches: indicate how many instances the search query appeared in the transcript. Selecting Matches allows you to view the particular Key Drivers tied to your query.

Positive/Negative: indicates the polarity of the commentary related to your search query. In our example FC shows 4 instances where Inflection Point was captured in the transcript each of which was identified by Viewer as negative events.

Matches and Events

Selecting from the Matches column allows you to view what Key Drivers are flagged in the commentary. In our example the 4 negative events we see from querying Inflection Point are each categorized as Deception.

Viewing Results Within the Transcript

Selecting View Document allows you to view the commentary within the context of the transcript. In the Transcript View you will notice that only the Deception Key Driver remains featured- specifically only the ones that include the phrase Inflection Point. Every other event without this phrase- as well as every other Key Driver that does not include any such event is grayed out.

Navigating, selecting and annotating have the same functionality throughout the document. Likewise, you also are able to select from the grayed out portions and perform the same actions.

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