Amenity Viewer

Earnings sentiment analysis just got easier. The Amenity Viewer systematically analyzes every earnings call transcript which enables you to spot outliers, identify critical insights, and understand key drivers.

Portfolio View

Amenity has created an "Amenity Score" to assess relative sentiment of individual transcripts and trends over time. Use the Amenity Score to find outliers and identify significant changes.

With a bird's eye view of the companies in your portfolio you'll see important new information and be able prioritize based on each company's Amenity score, percentage change vs last quarter, or date of the most recent earnings call. 

Company View

With Amenity Viewer you not only see what happened, but why. For each company, a summary of the commentary on business drivers that have changed is provided as well as a four quarter historical trend.

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Start using Viewer today. Navigate transcripts, see clustering, and uncover themes within transcripts. Summarize your most important findings, create a PDF of the highlighted transcript as well as a topline summary of the key drivers. Try it now for free. No credit card needed.

Transcript View

Our text analytics model draws insights and categorizes them by key drivers to allow for easy navigation within the transcript. Key drivers can be sorted by number of extractions, number of positives or negatives or net positive/negative to identify important commentary. And these insights can all be seen within the context of the full transcript.

Annotation View

User annotation feature enables model customization and ongoing improvement.  You can highlight additional text, explain its significance and categorize it by topic and polarity. As changes across users are added to the NLP model, the Amenity Viewer becomes a force multiplier, leveraging additional perspectives.

Amenity Viewer
annual, per user, volume discounts

Access to one year of transcripts from thousands of companies across all sectors and market capitalization.

Navigate transcripts by key business driver or by positive or negative sentiment. 

Create PDFs of transcripts that have the key drivers highlighted throughout the document as well as a topline summary.

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