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Banking & Finance

View thousands of company financial reports and communications automatically at scale. Increase coverage, get more context and reduce bias. 

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Enhance underwriting and claims by identifying the key trends from regulatory documents, news and other sources. 

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Draw actionable insights from any source of text and systematize that knowledge to identify new business opportunities and solve complex problems.

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Amenity has established a new paradigm in text analytics. Amenity delivers real-time insights from text with unrivaled accuracy and speed. Amenity's NLP has improved accuracy because it looks beyond individual words to understand the broader narrative context. Unlike other NLP solutions, Amenity's text mining software has been developed and trained specifically to solve business problems. Users can set custom parameters so it is infinitely adaptable to any industry.

Our customized NLP tools identify and extract key information from unstructured data sources ranging from news clips, social media and research reports to regulatory filings and earnings call transcripts.

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Introducing Viewer

Amenity Viewer is the first cloud-based AI/NLP software designed to help financial analysts rapidly process earnings call transcripts, public filings, and financial data to uncover actionable insights in real time based on fully customizable parameters that can be tailored to any strategy, vertical, or coverage area. Viewer fundamentally transforms the way enterprises read text with features designed to capture and preserve their best ideas and systematize that knowledge into their research and decision-making processes. Unlike other AI/NLP solutions, Viewer is simple to onboard, easy to customize, and purpose-built to seamlessly enhance the work of financial analysts of all backgrounds.

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Text AI Services

Amenity provides its AI/NLP technology as a cloud-based text analytics API allowing users to create custom insights from any text data source and to translate these insights into structured data sets. Organizations across all industries use Amenity’s API to research their competition, conduct market analysis, and inform strategic decisions such as M&A, market expansion and new product development.

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September 25, 2018

Webinar: Getting Started with Viewer

Create your portfolio and begin accessing the insights from earnings call transcripts.
October 2, 2018

Webinar: Annotating in Viewer

Learn how to create transcript summaries, train the model to focus on additional issues and drive NLP model improvement with annotations. Plus, Q&A session on using Viewer.
September 5, 2018

AIR Summit 4.0

Nathaniel Storch unveiled Amenity's innovations in the area of big data analytics tools -

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