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We work with some of the largest hedge funds in the world. While they don’t permit us to use their logos, they are happy to speak with you about working with Amenity.

Insights: Trade

Who has the most to lose in a US vs. China trade dispute?

Insights: Deception

Spotting deceptive language in earnings sentiment.

Insights: Uncover

Text analytics uncovers the question executives have been dreading in 2019.

Extracting insights from emails.Extracting insights from unstructured text in documents.Extracting insights from call transcripts.

Transform any source of text into industry-specific analysis and sentiment tied to business events with a clear view on the “why” behind the results. No black boxes here. Our NLP is configurable to what you need and where you need it.


Extract value-relevant text, while ignoring noise. Our NLP extracts, distills, and structures text from millions of documents into actionable business insights. It determines the context and meaning of text and how they might change from the phrase to the paragraph.


Achieve meaningful, repeatable results. Many of our models in production achieve greater than 90% accuracy in precision and recall. Compared with the industry average of 68%, it’s no surprise why Amenity’s NLP is trusted by some of the largest players across multiple industries.



Filtering The Noise

Our NLP uncovers insight from text at scale with an accuracy that is unrivaled in the industry and with the flexibility to integrate into your specific business and workflow requirements.

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Custom NLP

Our NLP, Your Workflow

Our NLP language models are designed to produce signals from various types of documents. We can generate a wide range of scores that are customizable and topic related.

External Text Sources

Building external text sources.

Connect our API with text sources such as earnings call transcripts, SEC filings, news, and broker research.

How we tackle text sources.

Internal Text Sources

Custom support of an array of internal client text sources such as call transcripts, chat messages, emails, research reports, and surveys.

How our customization works.

Model Customization

Our NLP platform can be customized to extract and classify the information most relevant to you, capturing key business events, sentiment, context, and temporal relevance consistent with your research strategy.

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