Who We Serve

Our AI services a wide array of clients, both large and small and from various industries, including specialized hedge funds, Fortune 100 companies, and other organizations. 

Amenity’s proprietary NLP technology extracts sentiment from large quantities of text data and a wide variety of sources that range from news coverage, social media activity, and research reports to regulatory filings, as well as earnings call transcripts.

Our diverse group of clients share a desire to see the world differently.


Our Solutions


Establish causality of market-moving events, track trends on political and economic issues, prioritize documents for review, and more—all via our NLP-powered, text analytics platform. Amenity delivers financial insights to:

Buy Side

Fundamental and Quantitative Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and Allocators

Sell Side

Research Departments, Traders, Investment and Commercial banks


Ratings Agencies, Regulators, and Exchanges

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Our Solutions


Enhance underwriting and improve upon the claims process to create a tangible impact on the combined ratio by generating meaningful insights from regulatory documents, news and other sources. Amenity delivers insurance insights to:

Carriers & Re-insurers

Underwriters, Enterprise Risk Monitoring, Customer Experience, Claims Adjusters, and Actuaries


Individual Risk Monitoring

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Our Solutions


View thousands of financial reports and communications automatically at scale. Draw actionable insights from any source of text. Systematize those insights to identify new business opportunities and solve complex problems. Amenity delivers corporate insights to:


Sales Strategy and Strategic Marketing


Corporate Development and Investor Relations

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Our Clients

We work with some of the largest hedge funds in the world. While they don’t permit us to use their logos, they are happy to speak with you about working with Amenity.

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Who has the most to lose in a US vs. China trade dispute?

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Spotting deceptive language in earnings sentiment.

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Text analytics uncovers the question executives have been dreading in 2019.

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