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Tell a powerful data story through accurate insights uncovered at scale with our all-in-one, NLP text analytics solution: Insights Platform.

Earnings sentiment analysis just got easier. The Insights Platform systematically analyzes earnings call transcripts, SEC filings, and conference presentations for key trends and outliers. This allows you to identify critical insights and understand more about the categories that matter, like guidance, cost-price, head/tailwinds, deception, plus more.

Insights Platform

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Data Discovery and Visualization with the Analytics Engine

Summarized Data

Accurately identify new insights, spot outliers, or explore areas you may have overlooked. Find something interesting? Drill down to the relevant extraction and view it within the context of its document.

Interactive Data

With Analytics unstructured text is extracted, analyzed, scored, and organized into interactive “board-ready” visuals. These modules that allow you to go macro or micro. Filter by sectors, companies, topics, and Key Drivers, while your dashboard updates accordingly.

Immediate Results

Analytics features interactive dashboards that present data through different analytical lenses: Fundamental; Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG); and our most popular Key Driver, Deception.

Customize It

Analytics can be customized to present data into a dashboard unique to your workflow requirements. Contact us for details about implementing a custom Analytics dashboard. 

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Insights Platform

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Amenity Viewer Earnings Call Analysis & NLP Text Mining Software

Portfolio View

Amenity has created an Amenity Score to assess relative sentiment of individual transcripts and trends over time. Use the Amenity Score to find outlier and identify significant changes.

With a bird's eye view of the companies in your portfolio, you'll see important new information and be able to prioritize based on each company’s Amenity score represented in a 4-quarter trendline, Amenity Score change vs. last quarter and date of the most recent earnings call.

Company View

With Amenity Viewer you not only see what happened, but why. For each company, the platform provides a summary of the commentary on business drivers that have changed is provided as well as a four-quarter historical trend to completely revolutionize how earnings call analysis is conducted.

Transcript View

Our text analytics model adds an important lens to your earnings call analysis. Categorize insights by Key Drivers to allow for easy navigation within the transcript. To identify important commentary, sort Key Drivers by number of extractions, number of positives or negatives as well as number of net positives/negatives. Insights can all be seen within the context of the full transcript.

Annotate, Print & Export

Amenity’s Annotation feature enables model customization and ongoing improvement. You can highlight additional text, explain its significance, and categorize it by topic and polarity. Print or export these highlighted texts, with or without annotations.

As changes across users are added to the core NLP model, the Amenity Viewer becomes a force multiplier.

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Dive into Insights with Viewer

See for yourself how Viewer flags key developments in financial documents, allowing investors to draw insights and analyze with greater sophistication.

Insights Platform

Insights Platform Feature

Query Insights

Search Earnings Transcripts on a Massive Scale with Amenity Query Insights

Search at Scale

Search across earnings transcripts for trends on topics and keywords. Cut through the noise to isolate relevant topics across all publicly available US transcripts. Scale out to 18 months’ worth of earnings call transcripts.

Trending Queries

Explore the topics and keywords being discussed in earnings call transcripts across your entire portfolio or any combination of tickers. We track all companies that have transcripts provided to us by leading, third-party data providers.

Results with Context

Query Insights allows you to drill down from the search results to the full context of the result within the document, complete with the corresponding sentiment scoring.

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Analysis Rate

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We add context and metadata to each data extraction, increasing precision and recall in the process.

Transcript to Platform in

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Faster analysis means faster decision making.

Document Type Support

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From SEC filings and earnings call transcripts to product reviews, forum comments, and social media posts.

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By the Numbers

Documents Analyzed


Automated data extraction guided by advanced NLP technology and human intelligence.

Companies Tracked

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Ready-to-use insights, including sentiment scores, full text parsing, and interactive visual summaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Financial Services Specialists are ready to provide you with any manner of support. We are here to help you understand and interpret the data, as well as improve your workflow. You name it, we have the experts.

How can I access the Insights Platform?

Access the Insights Platform by signing up for a free trial. You will receive a link to launch the platform.

Where does the Insights Platform get its data?

We partner with a variety of leading, third-party data providers including S&P, FactSet, LexisNexis, and EDGAR Online. Our model is trained to capture financial insights and can be applied to any relevant event.

Is there a guide on how to use the Insights Platform?

The Insights Platform is designed to be intuitive, so you can start using it without any training, but we do have resources that highlight our features with tutorials and videos that provide a quick tour of our capabilities. Also, we can host private demos for both new and expert users.

What are Analytics dashboards?

Analytics dashboards are powerful data discovery and visualization tools. They allow professionals to identify trends that can influence future decision making by companies.

Do I need to change any network settings?

We suggest that your network administrator update your firewall settings by opening Port 443 on your router and network to use Analytics.

Wondering: “It would be great if the Insights Platform did…”?

Our engineers drive innovation at lightning speed. The power of the cloud means that we can seamlessly roll our regular product updates with new features to all users. Join our Beta program or send your feature requests by emailing

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