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ESG has never been more important, but as the focus on these issues increases the number of disconnected stories has grown exponentially. At Amenity we’ve purpose-built transparent and comprehensive ESG products to help you cut through the noise and monitor the information that matters.

ESG Safeguard: Ready-to-Use Platform for ESG Analysis
ESG Advantage: Configured, Purpose-Built ESG Intelligence for Your Enterprise
ESG Data: Bolster Your Trading Strategy with Powerful Signals


ESG Solution


Ready-to-Use Platform for ESG Analysis

Mitigate ESG Risks by Tracking ESG Sentiment in Real-Time

Take intelligent actions in response to ESG issues before they’re reflected in rating changes or market movements.

Find Impact Opportunities

Use our sentiment signals and unique ESG data sets to find opportunities where others don’t know to look.

Consume Without Disrupting Your Workflow

Features a Dashboard, Email Alerts, Excel Plugin, and an API, to easily ingest and share Safeguard data.

Visualize ESG

You can leverage our systematic analysis to create board-ready visualizations with pre-built Excel templates and a dashboard designed to highlight relative performance.

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Overview: Compare peers on the sentiment and mentions matrix, track performance over time, and view the events that drive sentiment as well as selected key insights with our ESG overview.
Scorecard: Track your portfolio and watchlists using our scorecard to see the sentiment, mentions, and impactful articles.
Detailed Data: Our ESG products are 100% transparent. When you want more context, all underlying extractions can be seen in the detailed data view.

ESG Solution


Configured, Purpose-Built ESG Intelligence for Your Enterprise

Answer Your Important ESG Questions

When you have a specific data requirement, we’re your partner. Amenity Advantage allows you to work with our team to build data sets that answer your important questions ensuring that you can fully incorporate ESG into your strategy.

Iterate Quickly

We build our models to be quickly configurable, so you can test hypotheses in days or weeks – not months or years.

Leverage Industry Leading Accuracy

Because of our unique approach to NLP we frequently create models that have accuracy levels measured over 90%, allowing you to act on our signals with confidence.

Differentiate Your ESG Story

Advantage enables you to differentiate your ESG story by integrating unique data sets purpose-built for your enterprise.

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Case Study

Moody's Investor Service

Moody’s expects ESG to be of increasing importance in their assessment of issuer credit quality. In order to identify what ratings actions cited ESG considerations, Amenity worked with Moody’s to configure our ESG model to capture the events in their ESG analytical framework.

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“Amenity’s ability to recognize sentence context… yields results that are far more accurate than simple keyword searches. The training process resulted in a high confidence data set of rating actions that cited ESG considerations as material credit considerations.”

Moody’s Investors Service
Sector In-Depth (ESG Global) Report – April 2020


ESG Solution


Bolster Your Trading Strategy with Powerful Signals

ESG Sentiment Signals

Incorporate ESG into your multi-factor model with our ESG sentiment signals. Deployed via an API or data set file, the ESG Signal API uses our ESG model to capture real-time changes in company sentiment. Sentiment signals are available for News or Earnings Calls on industries and companies specific to your use case.

Deception Signal

Our proprietary deception model provides you with a strong proxy for management transparency and potential issues to investigate, as it analyzes clarity of communication from companies on hundreds of topics in their Earnings Calls.

Greenwashing Signal

Greenwashing analytics compares company disclosure to objective 3rd party ESG disclosure to help investors identify trusted companies. Surface variant perception where the company messaging diverges from market consensus.

Materiality Signal

Sustainability is a dynamic landscape. Our ESG Materiality framework assesses materiality in real-time allowing investors to quickly and precisely evaluate meaningful ESG disclosures as well as measure company commitments against investments and milestones.

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NLP Expertise

5+ Years of NLP Expertise

We’ve developed a proprietary approach to thematic analysis that lets us hit industry leading levels of accuracy by combining AI with human expertise.

Serverless Architechture

Sub Second Processing

We created a completely serverless processing environment on AWS to allow us to analyze incoming articles as fast as possible, delivering real speed and scale advantages to our clients.

Precision Targeting

95% Precision

No news tagging system could accurately distinguish between meaningful and irrelevant company mentions, so we built our own machine learning models that could meet our accuracy standards.

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ESG by the Numbers

Documents Analyzed

Every Year

We process all the news so you can monitor only the stories that matter.

Companies Tracked


We’re building an extensive coverage list to ensure that we cover your investable universe.