Market Intelligence

Power your sales teams’ client and prospect interactions with a customized business intelligence tool that scans the news for important events related to your products and services. Take action in real-time and proactively engage on developing trends in news coverage.


Surface Relevant Opportunities

Surface opportunities from news sources to create proactive outreach on the topics that matter most to your sales teams and their clients or prospects. Based on your key metrics our custom NLP models extract, score, and weigh news events to ensure topic relevance.

Share Key News in Real-Time

Ensure topics discussed with clients and prospects are actionable and timely. Receive real-time insights on the companies, sectors, and themes that matter to your sales team with e-mail alerts. Subscribe to a sector or company with one tap or click.

Hit the Ground Running

Get results on day one with an interface designed to be intuitive as well as frictionless to implement. Market Opportunities can run from a web browser, or integrate into Salesforce.

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We add context and metadata to each data extraction, increasing precision and recall in the process.

Transcript to Platform in

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Faster analysis means faster decision making.

Document Type Support

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From SEC filings and earnings call transcripts to product reviews, forum comments, and social media posts.

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By the Numbers

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Automated data extraction guided by advanced NLP technology and human intelligence.

Companies Tracked

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Ready-to-use insights, including sentiment scores, full text parsing, and interactive visual summaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Financial Services Specialists are ready to provide you with any manner of support. We are here to help you understand and interpret the data, as well as improve your workflow. You name it, we have the experts.

What does a Top Insight mean?

The Top Insight designation is assigned through an algorithm that identifies the most impactful insights for a company

How can I compare companies against their peers?

Using the "Select Companies/Sector" search/dropdown, first select the desired companies, then use the "Category Avg." feature to select the desired Category. You will now easily be able to compare companies against their peers and their Category baseline.

What happens if I see an extraction that I disagree with?

Market Intelligence features a feedback system for users. Select an insight to view the insight as it appears in its original article. Simply hover over this text and press the "Report to Quality Control" button. This feedback will automatically be sent to the model development team for review.

What sources are covered in Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence covers approximately 1,300 news sources, all of which were chosen based on an assessment of quality and impact-fulness