Custom NLP

We go to extraordinary lengths to design and refine models that effectively capture meaningful language related to the business fundamentals that impact company health and investment theses. As the world and our clients adapt, so do our models.

And by simultaneously focusing on high levels of recall and precision, we are able to achieve measurable efficacy in solving real world problems.

Infinite Adaptability

Train the system to meet your needs and capture your IP.

Unprecedented Accuracy

95% + precision and recall on complicated texts.

Unlimited Applications

Analyze any type of text in context. Customizable to interpret your needs.

Instant Accessibilty

No black-box outputs. Get full visibility into every sentence analyzed.

Custom Solutions

Custom NLP

Key Drivers

Analyze your business interests with a greater level of clarity and detail with Amenity Key Drivers, a core set of use cases that leverage specific NLP models to determine company health, new opportunities, and emerging risks through the lens of Fundamentals, Business Intelligence, Deception, or ESG. Take any list of equities, load them into our Key Drivers to quickly determine the opportunity and exposure relative to any of these drivers.


Designed for Fundamental investors, obtain unique insights from any source of unstructured text data such as online news, earnings calls, or SEC filings. The Fundamentals Key Driver creates signals based on the change in sentiment scores of extracted events in financial documents, identifying over 100 events that affect company health and performance.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence Key Driver allows any business to stay atop a fast-changing competitive landscape by monitoring key developments in their market. Quickly scale your operations and discover new data sources quickly with the ability to easily set individual views for users. This key driver also features real-time alerts on relevant  companies, topics, and trends to generate better tactical responses and informed decision-making.


Pinpoint deceptive language in earnings calls by harnessing the power of psychology and financial expertise with the Deception Key Driver. This lens allows you to capture instances when executives are less than clear, and pick-up on speech patterns that are otherwise missed when listening to a call—thus allowing you to quantify deception levels and measure them over time.


Effectively prove your approach to sustainable investing  from your sources of news, research, earnings call transcripts, SEC filings and more. The ESG Key Driver establishes a framework that analyzes Environmental, Social, and Governance related sentiment tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Create sentiment summaries or segment baskets of equities based on distinct ESG profiles.

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Custom Solutions

Custom NLP


Customized APIs Deployed Locally or in the Cloud.

Financial Events API

Consistent results at scale. Expand the reach of your analyst community and significantly increase the number of companies you track without sacrificing the analysis. Capture every significant financial event from company earnings calls, SEC filings and company presentations with our detailed Financial Events taxonomy.

Signal API

Improve your multi-factor model with a customized sentiment score based on your signal requirements. Deployed via an API or dataset file, the Signal API uses NLP models customized for sentiment scoring. Results are extracted and calculated from earnings calls on industries and companies specific to your uses case.

Document Extractor API

Process your proprietary documents securely and remotely with our Document Extractor API. Host the API on your secure cloud, or access it from ours for on-demand data extraction directly tailored to your use cases. Looking for a locally deployed solution? We also provide on-premises integrations.

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