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Amenity serves customers across a wide array of sizes and industries including specialized hedge funds, Fortune 100 companies and organizations that serve the  business community. This diverse group shares the desire to see the world in new ways and the drive to continuously improve their performance. They use Amenity’s proprietary NLP technology to understand large quantities of text from sources ranging from news coverage, social media activity, and research reports to regulatory filings and earnings call transcripts.

Investment text data analysis & extracted insights tool

Banking and Finance

AI and NLP are transforming the finance and investment research industries. It is no longer enough to thoroughly read the transcripts for companies in your portfolio. Success requires the ability to systematically extract insights from larger amounts of text data.

Amenity  converts unstructured data into actionable intelligence so you don't have to worry about missing important information or being misled by bias.  With readily-accessable insights, you can focus on identifying opportunities.

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Insurance companies are beginning to incorporate more information into their underwriting and claims processes. Using AI and NLP, Amenity is able to identify areas of exposure that are often hidden in SEC Filings and other documents. Amenity's risk extraction module can alert underwriters to disclosures, legal actions or precedents and other areas of risk.

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Ready to make earnings season easier?

Start using Viewer today. Navigate transcripts. See clustering/themes within transcripts. Summarize your most important findings. Create a PDF of the highlighted transcript and a topline summary of the key drivers. Try it now for free. No credit card needed.

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Draw actionable insights from any source of text and systematize the knowledge to identify business opportunities and to solve complex problems. Enterprise customers in any vertical can use Amenity's industry analysis to create unique, specific datasets by industry or company to conduct in-depth market research about key trends that affect the business, including new product launches, pricing movements, and regulatory events. Enterprise customers can track these findings alongside changes in sentiment scores to see real-time market insights and trend analysis.

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