Amenity is partnering with Eidosmedia to launch a turnkey solution for editing and tagging broker research, fully integrated into the research authoring process. A Fortune 500 financial services company recently implemented the all-in-one platform and went from spending $3 million in research and production costs to about $500K, over 5x ROI using Amenity's Intelligent Tagging solution.

Viktoria Krane
February 22, 2022

Intelligent Tagging for Research Documents

Intelligent Tagging for Research Documents
  • Amenity is partnering with Eidosmedia to launch a turnkey solution for editing and tagging broker research, fully integrated into the research authoring process
  • Authoring analysts can automatically tag relevant themes and entities within a report with over 90% accuracy 
  • The software can be configured to reflect the firm’s worldview, and it provides consistent tagging across all documents
  • The research quality analysis tool reduces review periods up to 50%

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Eidosmedia, the leading supplier of cross-media publishing technology for the global news-media sector, which will provide a turnkey solution for research authoring, editing, and tagging. Eidosmedia’s platform will integrate Amenity’s market-leading natural language processing (NLP) software and financial domain expertise into the workflow of research analysts so that they can rapidly create higher quality, and more discoverable content.

Why Now?

Brokerage research firms are constantly looking for ways to boost visibility and distribution, while also speeding up and improving processes for review and compliance. Lately, they have been focused on ESG, a priority area for clients, management, and compliance. Without the proper tools and with internal resources already strained, how are you going to address an ESG mandate from your top client? Can you tell which of your recent research touches on a specific ESG issue? You could outsource the work to a manual tagging service provider, but that brings its own set of problems with accuracy and consistency.

Tagging, the application of topics and themes on top of research, plays a crucial role in making content more searchable and discoverable, thus improving its monetization. But today’s manual and legacy automated tagging approaches are inadequate when it comes to delivering on both precision and relevance. Tagging can be insufficient, excessive, incorrect, or inconsistent: a four fold problem. This makes it difficult for users (both internal and external) to discover content or consume it in a timely fashion.

Regardless of the content you publish, supervisory analysts spend considerable time manually reviewing reports to ensure not only that their content offers valuable market insights, but that it is also free of misleading language, which could result in fines from regulators.

To solve these issues, Amenity has produced a set of NLP-based tools to accelerate the review process and to enrich the metadata for published research—thereby making it more searchable and discoverable. Amenity’s AI-powered NLP enables platforms to understand and process text the way a trained analyst would, but in an automated way. It makes the processes of research authoring, and reviewing more efficient and systematic.

The Platform

With this partnership, the Eidosmedia-integrated platform will provide authoring analysts with access to our three key tools: research quality analysis, thematic tagging, and entity tagging.

  • Research Quality Analysis: The research quality analysis tool provides users with a snapshot of the statistics related to the quality of the report. It highlights areas for improvement, such as use of passive voice, awkward sentence constructions, excessive hedging language, overused words, and more. It can also detect whether the research includes a thesis or a price target and estimate. The user can click onto any of these sections to view highlighted text and make changes directly on the document.

These instant, actionable insights can reduce the time to edit and review reports by up to 50 percent.

  • Thematic Tagging: The thematic tagging tool highlights the key themes discussed in the report. These themes cover abroad set of business and finance topics, from artificial intelligence and electric vehicles to carbon transition, political risk, interest rates, leverage, market position, and more.

 Amenity can also work with clients to create and implement their own themes.

  • Entity Tagging: We have trained our model to identify public and private companies by name and ticker—160,000 US and international companies. The entity tagging tool has the ability to identify and extract name variants (ex. General Electric, GE, General Electric Co.), and normalize those entities to one company name.

The two tagging models have been able to tag relevant themes and entities within a report with 90 percent accuracy and higher. We accomplished this by working closely with the client to adjust model performance according to their view of the world.

What's Next?

We’re delighted to launch this new integrated platform and offer a solution that allows research authors in the financial sector to analyze key trends in the market. Already, we’re seeing early success in a program with a Fortune 500 financial services company that is working to implement the all-in-one platform in their production environment. The platform is already enabling the analyst team to maximize their research and product in a fraction of the time, reducing its estimated $3 million spenddown to nearly $500,000.

We’ve also just released an ESG thematic tagging solution to identify issues related to sustainability, social risk, and corporate governance.

Expect to see some new features later this quarter, as well. Tagging will allow users to create more fractional metadata with topics tagging. Another offering coming down the line will be expanded entity tagging, which will detect not just companies, but also entities such as geography, currencies, asset classes, and industries—just to name a few.

Request a Tagging demo to find out how you can systematically tag your research reports to improve visibility and surface important themes that optimize content discover ability and monetization.

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