ESG is one of many factors when it comes to assessing credit ratings. However, the increasing relevance of environmental and social issues warrants treating ESG as a core factor in credit analysis through the use of NLP.

Sarah Sachs
July 9, 2020

[Video] The Future of Credit Research—How Moody's Is Integrating ESG in Credit Ratings and Research

[Video] The Future of Credit Research—How Moody's Is Integrating ESG in Credit Ratings and Research

ESG factors have become increasingly relevant in credit risk analysis. Climate risk, sustainability, diversity, data security, and income inequality are just a few examples of ESG considerations that will have massive implications on resource management. Aside from impacting credit quality, these diverse standards can also create risks and opportunities for investors.

In this on-demand webinar, Bennett Saltzman (Data Scientist, Amenity Analytics) moderates a discussion with Matt Kuchtyak (Assistant Vice President, ESG & Sustainable Finance, Moody's) and Sarah Sachs (Data Scientist, Amenity Analytics) on why ESG is now a significant component of evaluating credit risk and how Moody’s uses Amenity’s NLP to demonstrate how ESG considerations factor into its assessment of credit quality.

Key Topics Covered
  • How Corporates and Investors are currently using ESG in financial assessments and where ESG is headed
  • Why Moody’s considers ESG to be a core factor in its credit risk analysis
  • How Moody's is using Amenity’s ESG language model to demonstrate how ESG is influencing credit ratings
  • How Amenity helped Moody’s  utilize NLP software in conjunction with its own credit ratings criteria and ESG classification
  • How Amenity can help firms understand and make use of ESG and other initiatives

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