We leverage Amenity’s latest ESG features, Materiality 2.0 and Greenwashing Analytics, to provide a debrief of Climate Week 2021. Find out who might be greenwashing and discover the positive narratives from the last 12 months. We also cover the noteworthy commitments, investments, or milestones of this year’s event.

Sam Leavitt
October 13, 2021

[Video] Climate Week 2021 Recap

[Video] Climate Week 2021 Recap

Who made the most interesting commitments and will they follow through?

Recently, companies have begun to treat the week as their climate Super Bowl. Every year we see a huge increase in the number of commitments that companies make during this week, but are these commitments leading to action?

In our Climate Week Preview, we outlined how you might separate the pretenders from the truly invested. (If you missed it, catch the recording here.) Have they invested in their sustainability strategy over the course of the entire year—or only for Climate Week? Is there a way to identify the meaningful commitments and track them over time? Can you benchmark a company or an industry based on these commitments? What do the regulators think?

Putting theory into practice, our Climate Week Recap answers these questions with our ESG materiality 2.0 and greenwashing offerings. We debriefed the events of Climate Week to identify the ESG information that really matters, such as:

  • Who made real investments and who is greenwashing?
  • What’s the latest in cutting edge cleantech like hydrogen or geothermal?
  • Which companies are most likely to be greenwashing?
  • Did any habitual greenwashers break the trend?


  • Recap of Climate Week 2021 
  • Analyzing and Monitoring Company Statements
  • Identifying Greenwashing Risk
  • What to Expect This Year

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