It's not enough to hear what companies are saying about ESG. Investors need detailed, real-time data on what companies are actually doing to reach their ESG goals. Learn how Amenity's materiality dataset can be used to cut through ESG noise (greenspeak, greenwashing) from Climate Week and throughout the year and provide a holistic view of a company's ESG profile.

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September 21, 2022

[Video] Climate Week 2022: Cut Through the Greenspeak and Find the ESG Data That Matters

[Video] Climate Week 2022: Cut Through the Greenspeak and Find the ESG Data That Matters

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Are Companies Hitting Their ESG Milestones and Driving Value? Or Is It Just Greenspeak?

Climate Week is an opportunity for companies to show the world the actions they will be taking regarding the climate crisis. The event is hosted annually by the Climate Group in connection with the United Nations. 

However, Climate Week can also be used by companies to make empty pledges and commitments with little accountability or specifics. Investors need to understand what companies are actually doing when it comes to ESG. How much are they investing? What commitments are companies making towards these investments, and what milestones are they reaching?

In order for market participants to be rigorous in their ESG analysis, they must cut through the noise of Climate Week and get to the actuals within investments, commitments, and milestones. And this data needs to be in real time from news and other sources, not just from stale annual CSR reports. 

This webinar shows how Amenity's Materiality dataset can help investors cut through the “greenspeak” to find the ESG data that really matters. Learn how our latest Materiality analytics delivers more specifics on ESG disclosures at the entity level: 

  • Investments: Determine how much in hard dollars companies are investing 
  • Commitments: Track the base dates for commitment dates
  • Milestones: Discover specific KPIs, like percent reduction in greenhouse gasses or diversity percentages of corporate boards

Real-Time Data, Essential to ESG Investors

Get a demo of Amenity's ESG solutions to see how you can get real-time ESG data on company investments, commitments, and milestones from news, earnings and SEC filings.

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