We demo three Eidos-native research intelligence tools (Research Quality, Entity Tagging, Thematic Tagging) designed to slash research publishing costs in half. Speed the supervisory review process, improve research quality and visibility, and surface important themes in your research.

Amenity Analytics
December 7, 2021

[Video Demo] Eidos-Native Research Intelligence Tools

[Video Demo] Eidos-Native Research Intelligence Tools

Reduce Cost and Improve the Profile of Your Published Research.

As the world of research and the demands of the institutional buy-side continue to evolve, there is a need for high-quality, fully compliant written work that can be intelligently delivered at scale.

In these videos, we discuss the practical implications and benefits of augmenting and automating research authoring, distribution, and analytical workflows with Amenity Analytics’ market-leading natural language processing (NLP), trained on the language of the financial markets. We demo three Eidos-native intelligence tools:

Research Quality Screener

  • Highlights areas of written work that need improvement, enabling analysts, research writers, and editors to quickly and substantially improve the quality of research reports
  • Decreases the risk of compliance issues by highlighting specific instances of potential violations in written content that could result in millions of dollars in fines from regulators 
  • Reveals quantifiable insights with performance metrics that enable writers to improve their work product and leaders to efficiently evaluate writing performance at scale

Entity Tagging Solution

  • Speeds the supervisory review process and improves research visibility
  • Automatically tags companies mentioned in research reports with coverage that can detect over 24,000 public and private companies in the US and internationally

Thematic Tagging Solution

  • Enhances discovery, distribution, and content monetization with the ability to surface important themes in your research and create document tags on the fly

Industry-Leading Research Intelligence

Get a demo of Amenity's Eidos-Native research intelligence tools to see how you can to speed the supervisory review process, improve research visibility and improve the quality of research as well as company voice.

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