Executives from Intel and GenTrust join Amenity Analytics CEO Nate Storch to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities surrounding ESG.

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April 22, 2020

[Video] ESG 2020 Outlook from the Corporate and Investor Perspective

[Video] ESG 2020 Outlook from the Corporate and Investor Perspective

Marcelino Ford-Livene (Intel Capital, Managing Director & Head of the Executive in Residence) and Olivier Sarfat (GenTrust, Head of Equities) join Nate Storch (Amenity Analytics CEO) and Bennett Saltzman (Amenity Analytics Senior Data Scientist & ESG Lead) to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding ESG that are affecting corporations and investors in 2020.

Topic: ESG landscape

00:01  Bennett Saltzman (moderator), introduction, topic posed to the group

02:32  Marcelino Ford-Livene response from the corporate side

04:10  Nate Storch response from financial and service-provider perspective

07:27  Olivier Sarfati response from investment side (shifting attitudes on ESG vs. impact investing)

Topic: the level that investors and corporations need to care about ESG, who are the stakeholders

10:27  Bennett Saltzman, topic posed to Sarfati and Ford-Livene

10:52  Olivier Sarfati response

13:41  Marcelino Ford-Livene response

Topic: data sources and challenges

16:56  Bennett Saltzman, how Amenity clients have responded to ESG, topic posed to Sarfati and Ford-Livene

17:57  Marcelino Ford-Livene response

20:52  Olivier Sarfati response

24.22  Nate Storch, how natural language processing is used to address data challenges

26:20  Marcelino Ford-Livene, how Intel is addressing ESG

28:59  Marcelino Ford-Livene, external and internal pressures driving the focus, looking at COVID-19

30:55  Olivier Sarfati, looking at COVID-19, the need for qualitative and particularized metrics, the need for AI

35:53  Marcelino Ford-Livene, as ESG becomes more important to the investment community, corporations need better tools to monitor themselves and assess risks

37:20  Olivier Sarfati, future trends, looking at companies through different weighting of ESG categories and subcategories

39:21  Nate Storch, how Amenity’s tools capture and assess relevant ESG data

Trend Topics: changing perception of ESG, disruption to the ESG space, degree of incorporation

45:01  Bennett Saltzman, trend topics posed to group

46:02  Marcelino Ford-Livene response

47:53  Nate Storch response

49:47  Olivier Sarfati response

51:55  Bennett Saltzman closing remarks

ESG Solutions from Amenity Analytics

Amenity Analytics employs many novel techniques and breakthrough technologies to push the envelope of NLP, Machine Learning, and AI in the field of text mining and information extraction.

Amenity’s proprietary software, VIP, enables users to not only parse with high accuracy, but also add context and metadata to each extraction, increasing the model’s recall and precision to unparalleled levels.

These techniques allow Amenity Analytics to create an ESG investing dataset that encompasses the spectrum of consequential ESG factors.

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