Research analysts have struggled with content discoverability, especially with regard to ESG content. Flawed tagging efforts and the inability to match topics and themes to client interest are all too familiar issues. This webinar discusses how the visibility and distribution of research content can be vastly improved with Amenity’s industry-leading intelligent tagging solutions, delivered through the Eidosmedia platform.

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November 10, 2022

[Video] Intelligent ESG Content Tagging with Eidosmedia

[Video] Intelligent ESG Content Tagging with Eidosmedia

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ESG Tagging Use Cases and Best Practices with Eidosmedia and Amenity Analytics: Create Discoverable and Curated Investment Research Content

When it comes to content tagging and discoverability, research firms generally resort to trying to address issues manually or using automated tagging systems that fail to adequately deliver. The cost for a comprehensive solution is another concern, as are the learning curve and burdensome integration.

In this Eidosmedia-hosted webinar, you will discover how Amenity powers Eidosmedia’s comprehensive content tagging solution to effectively streamline the research authoring process by improving research discoverability and tagging consistency. Amenity’s industry-leading NLP and Eidosmedia’s turnkey integration allow this solution to be deployed with minimal effort and without putting a hole in your budget. 

The webinar highlights Amenity’s industry-leading NLP and ESG taxonomy paired with Eidosmedia’s world leading platform. Learn how we empower sell-side researchers to:

  • Analyze research text, parse with a high degree of accuracy, and identify thematic and topical ESG tags on a sentence level
  • Apply a more accurate targeting of entities compared to typical tagging platforms
  • Realize significant improvements with research authoring contained within a solution that can be deployed easily


  • Lihi Miller, Technical Product Manager, Amenity Analytics
  • Massimo Barsotti, Chief Marketing Officer, Eidosmedia
  • Francois Martinier, Director, Consulting Services, Eidosmedia

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