No research analyst is happy with content discoverability. This is due to inaccurate tagging, inconsistent tagging, over/under-tagging, or the inability to match topics and themes to client interest. Learn how you can improve content availability and discoverability with Amenity’s Intelligent Tagging solutions.

Viktoria Krane
March 3, 2022

[Video] Intelligent Research Tagging Demo

[Video] Intelligent Research Tagging Demo

How Can You Create Discoverable and Curated Research Content?

Content availability is paramount to both research creators and providers as they seek to maintain mind share with clients. A robust framework that applies accurate tags to the most prevalent themes and entities within research documents promotes the discoverability and timely consumption of content.

Research tagging has enabled buy-side analysts to find the most relevant research reports based on the theme or entity they are interested in. However, most incumbent tagging efforts are manual, and legacy automated tagging approaches fail to address these needs comprehensively.

This video demonstrates how you can improve content availability and discoverability with Amenity’s Intelligent Tagging solutions. Amenity’s Product team, Viktoria Krane and Justin Ramos, along with special guest Omar Gazarin, Head of Product, Americas at Eidosmedia, explain how Intelligent Tagging effectively displaces manual and third-party alternatives when it comes to creating discoverable and curated content.

You will learn how Amenity empowers sell-side researchers to:

  • Analyze research text, parse with a high degree of accuracy, and identify thematic and topical tags at sentence level
  • Apply a more accurate targeting of entities compared to typical tagging platforms
  • Identify potential areas of editorial and supervisory improvements in research documents
  • Discover how Amenity integrates tagging into an authoring environment

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Comprehensive Tagging Solutions

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