This webinar video with demo discusses how to accelerate great outcomes in today's financial use cases with Amenity’s NLP platform

August 30, 2021

[Video] Modern NLP Development for Financial Services (Demo)

[Video] Modern NLP Development for Financial Services (Demo)

Demo: Using Amenity’s NLP platform to accelerate business outcomes

Companies spend millions on data analysts and even front-office personnel to analyze, report on, and extract value from the vast array of documents that departments use every day. As a way to improve this process, many are exploring AI technology such as natural language processing (NLP) to systematize this work and improve costs, performance, and consistency.

Watch Modern NLP Development for Financial Services, where we demonstrate how you can integrate Amenity’s NLP and text analytics more broadly into your workflows, solutions, and technology to accelerate your business. We take you through a use case from inception to production, and show how intuitive it is to create NLP models on-demand to realize an immediate ROI.

The Amenity Analytics platform is used by top firms to generate key insights from mountains of financial documents, company disclosures, and news. We build NLP models that automate workflows to help industry leaders gain an edge.


  • Extracting value: The document-to-data challenge  
  • How to go from idea to an effective data pipeline: The steps for robust analysis of content
  • Interactive demo of Workshop:  Creating a Taxonomy >> Establishing Rules and Frameworks >> Collaboration Cycle >> Production

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