Request API Access — NLP models designed for business

Request API Access — NLP models designed for business

Beta access allows you to test new features for the following NLP tools:

  • Insights Platform: our all-in-one document extractor for analyzing earnings call transcripts
  • Market Intelligence: a customizable business intelligence tool for scanning news related to products and services
  • Key Drivers: a core set of NLP models that determine company health, new opportunities and emerging risk

Customized APIs Deployed Locally or in the Cloud

Financial Events API

Consistent results at scale. Expand the reach of your analyst community and vastly increase the number of companies you track without sacrificing the analysis. Capture every significant financial event from company earnings calls, SEC filings, and company presentations with our detailed Financial Events taxonomy.

Signal API

Improve your multi-factor model with a customized sentiment score based on your signal requirements. Deployed via an API or dataset file, the Signal API uses NLP models customized for sentiment scoring. Results are extracted and calculated from earnings calls on industries and companies specific to your use cases.

No black-box outputs. Get full visibility into every sentence analyzed.


Extract the data that matters. Our models cut through the noise and eliminate the false positives.


Gather insights out of a universe of data, from SEC filings and industry reports to chats and emails.


Amenity's NLP

Our Promise

We are committed to being a strategic partner that provides clients with a platform for discovering highly-accurate, valuable and actionable insights.

Get meaningful results, every time. Many of our models in production are capable of hitting near perfect levels of precision and recall.


Access, query, and navigate in minutes and seconds—not hours and days. Our speed also applies to deployment. We deliver in terms of weeks, not years.


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Amenity Analytics vs AlphaSense, Sentieo, and Yewno

Rules based approach
Portolio Scorecard
Neural Network in Progress
Full Transparency Into Insights (Not a Black Box Score)
Unique Dashboards & Lenses
Topic Search (Query Insights)
Machine Learning/Deep Learning Enabled
Document Viewer (Sentiment & Search)
Keyword Search
Link Back to News Source Within Platform
Link Back to Filings & Transcripts Within Platform
Reads Grammer & Context (Non "Bag of Words" NLP)
Private Company Search
Financial Data Extraction from Tables