Sales Process Text Analytics

A Fortune 500 company uses Amenity’s API to provide its sales organization with up-to-date business information regarding their top clients and prospects.


The Project

A Fortune 500 Company uses Amenity's API to provide its sales organization with up-to-date business information about their top clients and prospects. Armed with the key business drivers, the Sales Team is better able to gauge which customers are most likely to buy their services.

The Results

Amenity runs its proprietary NLP text analysis tool over news articles and earnings call transcripts. Customers and prospects are each given a score based on their likelihood of purchase. A positive score indicates that the customer may be open to expanding their relationship. 

The score is based on positive news regarding financial performance, expansion into new markets, the launch of a new product or the closing of an important deal. A negative score indicates that there is little news about the company or the news is mixed or negative.

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