ESG5 Summit 2019

Nathaniel Storch, CEO of Amenity Analytics spoke and lead a panel discussion at the ESG5 Summit April 4th in NYC.

Nathaniel Storch
Amenity Co-founder & Symphony Franchise Leader
April 4, 2019
Royalton Park Avenue, New York, NY

About the ESG5 Summit

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria refer to the central factors investors consider with regard to a firm's ethical impact and sustainable practices. This lens empowers the market to evaluate companies not just by their returns but also their greater societal impact.

The ESG5 Summit is an event for company executives, shareholders and leaders in innovation to share their experiences with environmental, social and governance standards in light of the growing emphasis on transparency and accountability in today's global markets. It's also an opportunity to learn about best practices, ranging from integrating ESG to measuring and improving performance.

Nate Storch, CEO of Amenity Analytics, spoke on the topic of Competition, Market Analysis and Insights into ESG Integration as well as lead a panel titled Trendline: Embedding ESG into Strategic Decisions and Core Value Creation.

Conference sessions included interviews with industry leaders, networking, case studies and panels. A sample of topics covered:

  • Building an Investment Case for ESG
  • Integrating ESG
  • ESG Best Practices
  • Competition, Market Analysis and Insights into ESG Integration
  • How to Best Vet External Managers for ESG Selection

Visit the ESG5 Summit website for more information.