Webinar: Deception Analysis - Spotting Trouble in Earnings Call Transcripts

Learn how to use NLP to spot deceptive commentary in earnings call transcripts.

August 21, 2019
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Live Webinar: August 21, 2019 at 12 PM EST

Are you getting the full story from earnings call transcripts? Is a company performing as well as it claims? Or is management using evasive language to obscure facts or downplay issues that may be brewing?

On August 21st we demonstrated the use of the Amenity Analytics’ Deception Monitor to read between the lines and uncover deceptive language in an earnings call report:

  • How Deception Monitor quickly and accurately pinpoints deceptive language using the latest in NLP technology
  • Our platform’s unique features, including the ability to pull up contextual details behind an Amenity score
  • The range of deceptive sentiment we identify, including uncertainty, doubt, dishonesty, and hostility
  • Amenity’s scoring methodology

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