Effective Risk Management for Insurance: Leveraging AI for Text Analysis

Brokers, carriers, and re-insurers are applying AI technology to risk mitigation. Join this live webinar to see how you can make smarter business decisions with the latest in text analysis.

Amenity Analytics
Webinar Team
February 26, 2020

Webinar Information:

In today’s competitive marketplace, the insurance industry is feeling the pressure to introduce new efficiencies. With the underwriting process, this requires having to glean insights faster and more accurately from a myriad of different text sources. Many companies are looking to AI solutions to meet this challenge.

In this webinar, we explain how a flexible text analytics solution using advanced AI technology, including Natural Language Programming (NLP), can be applied to risk mitigation to help Brokers, Carriers, and Re-insurers make smarter business decisions.

Learn About:

  • The benefits of NLP in processing and analyzing documents ranging from SEC filings to online news to earnings transcripts
  • How NLP can operate as a “risk watchdog”, identifying and quantifying your organization’s specific views of risk
  • The pros and cons of black box and flexible NLP solutions
  • A demonstration of Amenity Analytics’ risk monitoring tool and the positive results seen by major insurance companies