Live Demo of the Insights Platform

Our recurring webinar where we take you through the capabilities of our all-in-one NLP tool.

Amenity Analytics
Webinar Team
February 25, 2020
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Live Webinar: February 25, 2020 at 10 AM EST

Join us for a live open demo of our all-in-one text analytics solution, the Insights Platform, and learn how Amenity Analytics can help with your NLP needs. Take a quick walk-through to discover the latest updates to the Insights Platform features: Viewer, Query Insights, and Analytics. Plus, get all the answers to your questions from our product experts.

Amenity Insights Platform
  • Viewer: Investigate financial documents at the source with sentiment scores on every category that matters such as guidance, headwinds, and deception among others.
  • Query Insights: Search what truly matters in financial documents. Search statements highlighted by our NLP and view them within the context of the transcript.
  • Analytics: Identify trends and insights with boardroom-ready visualizations. Aggregate data into charts and graphs to find trends over time and identify outliers you may have overlooked.