Text Analytics Services

Amenity Analytics offers its AI/NLP technology as a cloud-based text analytics API service, empowering companies in any discipline to draw actionable insights from any source of unstructured text data. Within a matter of days, Amenity’s API can be customized to provide the most immediate, accurate, important insights that would otherwise require sifting manually through thousands of pages of text. Organizations across all industries rely on Amenity’s API to solve complex problems in any area where massive quantities of text are a barrier to insight.

Data Sources

Amenity hooks into external data such as SEC filings, earnings call transcripts and analyst reports.  Additionally, Amenity can import internal customer data such as Customer Service Emails, NPS and Customer Satisfaction surveys,

Model Customization

Amenity has created specific models to service a variety of sectors.  These include investment management, insurance and other custom models.  Amenity works with its customers to select the most appropriate model and then to further customize it to meet the customers’ specific need.

Ready to convert text into insights?

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Delivering Insights

Our dashboards allow customers to consume insights more effectively. Additionally, Amenity has created custom API’s to allow customers to import their insights into a variety of tools including Tableau, Excel and SFDC. The output of Amenity's analysis can be treated as structured data that can be backtested for validation.

Amenity Text AI
Custom Pricing

Select a publicly available data source, internal data or both.

Customize the NLP model to meet your specific needs.

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