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Serverless deployments via integration or API. Built for scale, speed, security and efficiency. We work together with AWS to deliver serverless NLP solutions for finance, insurance and enterprise clients.

Serverless Deployment on Your Terms

Every fraction-of-a-second delay counts towards the bottom line. Our serverless architecture allows you to see results in real time with support for publicly available documents or your own proprietary files. The outcome is meaningful results almost as soon as a document publishes.

Amenity offers three ways to leverage our NLP for processing documents on the AWS Cloud:

Public Document Processing

Connect via our secure,ready-made and real-time API to receive signals and analyzed text from publicly available documents. Benefits of our public document processing include:

  • Superior content sourcing economics
  • Best-in-class content processing economics
  • Scale and breadth of providers
  • Purpose-built NLP for key document types
  • Precision, recall and granularity of data

Most Common Public Use Cases: ESG and Enterprise Sales Enablement

Secure Document Processing – HSA

Connect via our Hosted Secure Analysis (HSA) – a combined approach; cloud-based processing within your highly secure environment for proprietary and sensitive documents. Leverage your content advantage with our infrastructure and NLP models. Benefits of HSA document processing include:

  • Encrypted and secure document processing without relinquishing ownership
  • Signals, extractions and data are delivered on-demand via API and never stored outside your organization
  • Highly configurable, fast iterations via cloud update to deploy new document types and model improvements rapidly

Most Common HSA Use Case: Earnings Press Release Processing

Datafeed via AWS Data Exchange

With compliance and ease of access in mind, subscribe to our datasets through AWS Data Exchange. Benefits of sourcing documents on AWS Data Exchange:

  • Ease of access to datasets and the latest publish
  • Procurement and budgeting are pre-allocated
  • Secure and compliant exchange of data

Most Common Dataset Use Cases: ESG and COVID-19 Datasets

NLP Dashboards via AWS Marketplace

Test, buy and deploy our NLP platform within your AWS infrastructure through AWS Marketplace.

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