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Amenity Insights is the research and intelligence arm of Amenity Analytics. Powered by Amenity’s proprietary AI/NLP technology, Amenity Insights analyzes diverse pools of text data to uncover trends and information that highlights and lends context to the most compelling issues businesses face today.


January 14, 2019

Healthcare Earnings Sentiment Analysis: Impact of 2019 Flu Season

As the 2019 flu season kicks into gear, we leveraged Viewer's NLP platform in conjunction with weekly CDC data to provide critical context to corporate sentiment among healthcare providers. This is a great example of how you can use text analytics to enhance existing data sets to draw meaningful insights.
January 10, 2019

Retail Sector Alert: Wading Through the Blood in the Streets After the Macy's Miss

Macy's disappointed with its 4Q18 sales update which reverberated throughout the Retail sector. We used our text analytics platform to go through Macy's press release and the recent earnings from key players to come up with two key takeaways which should be no surprise to our faithful readers.
January 8, 2019

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference - Day 1 Analysis: China and Merck

JP Morgan is holding its Healthcare conference this week. We didn't attend, but we leveraged the Amenity Viewer platform to apply our text analytics on the company presentation transcripts and extract insights. See for yourself how using Viewer means never missing an important call or conference.
January 4, 2019

Grocery Sector Earnings Analysis: The Cost of Survival as Amazon Leans Into Delivery

Amazon is going full bore at the Grocery sector and delivery will be the battlefield. For a sector always dealing with margin pressure how will competitors in this space fare? For answers we leverage the power of our text analytics to quickly perform analysis at scale with our Query Insights feature to extract earnings sentiment from the phrase "delivery growth."
January 3, 2019

Apple's Investor Letter Analysis: Answering 4 Key Questions for Apple, Tech and Other China Risk

We apply our text analytics model to analyze Apple's January 2nd investor letter to help address four specific questions that go beyond the headlines that everyone already knows. How bad was it? Does our "Deception" Analysis reveal anything? Where else to look for China fallout? How does Apple's release compare to comments in the smartphone ecosystem? Find out in our article.
January 2, 2019

2018 Q4 Earnings Sentiment: Recapping Our Top Insights

While everyone is providing 2019 outlooks and forward-looking takes we review our top 4 insights from Q4 2018 based on our readership. Using our text analytics modeling we uncovered some interesting insights that would've been extremely difficult for professionals to determine with traditional analysis. What did our readers uncover? Read on to find out.
December 20, 2018

Spotting Deceptive Language in Earnings Sentiment: Reasons to Doubt Merck's Margin

We ran a "Deception" analysis on earnings call transcripts using Amenity Viewer's text analytics model to find companies where fundamentals appear solid, but may have cracks beneath the surface. Our Deception analysis uncovered Merck, where the company appeared unwilling to endorse some bullish analyst projections.
December 20, 2018

Earnings Sentiment Analysis at Scale: FedEx is Patient Zero as Supply Chain Issues Reverberate

Our ongoing coverage of Supply Chain risk reverberated with FedEx's disappointing earnings call. Is FedEx patient zero in the Supply Chain risk? We use Viewer and its Query Insights feature to perform sentiment analysis across sectors to identify 5 key takeaways from the FedEx results.
December 18, 2018

Earnings Sentiment Analysis at Scale: 5 Under the Radar Companies to Watch in 2019

Heading into 2019 we take a positive outlook on the market by using Viewer to perform text analytics at a market level scale which identified 5 companies that could ride positive momentum into the new year.
December 11, 2018

Sector Analysis: Who Has the Most to Lose in a U.S. vs China Trade Dispute?

With a U.S. – China trade war looming, we use Viewer and its Query Insights feature to explore what companies or sectors are at risk based on their earnings sentiment around positive expectations and trade war risk.
December 4, 2018

Smartsheet Earnings Analysis: Top of the Class Heading Into 2019

We use Viewer and its Query Insights feature to highlight Smartsheet (SMAR), a recent IPO bucking the trend in the Technology sector. We dive into the sentiment to understand if SMAR is a one-off or a sign of things to come for Tech.
November 28, 2018

Chico's Earnings Analysis: Is Our Retail Warning Ringing True?

Based on Viewer's earnings sentiment analysis in the Retail sector, we recently warned of supply chain issues impacting Retail in Q4. Is Chico’s the first among many in the sector to drop, or is it an outlier given it’s niche status?
November 21, 2018

Retail Sector Earnings Analysis: Beware Supply Chain Issues

We use Viewer and its Query Insights feature to analyze negative earnings sentiment across 11 companies in the retail/consumer space. The outcome? A negative outlook for the retail sector this holiday season.
November 20, 2018

Michael Kors Earnings Call Analysis: The Story Behind the Drop

The easy answer behind KORS double digit drop on Nov. 7 is that the company missed its revenue estimates, but we used Viewer to go beyond the operating performance and pull 3 insights that might have easily been missed by analysts not using natural language processing.
November 19, 2018

Lowe's Earnings Call Preparation: What Investors Should Look for on Nov. 20

Lowe's reports earnings on Nov. 20. We use Viewer to prepare for their earnings call, looking at key industry players and Home Depot's earnings transcript to share two key insights investors should expect to uncover.
November 16, 2018

NVIDIA Earnings Call Analysis: Channel Pains

NVIDIA shares were down 20% following a disappointing quarter and guidance. We use Viewer to pull important commentary from their earnings call as well as take a look at the previous quarter's transcript to show what most analysts might have missed.
November 14, 2018

PG&E Under Pressure: 2017 Wildfire Liabilities Come Due

Recent pricing pressure at California utility PG&E allows us to preview how Viewer's NLP model is not only applicable to earnings call transcripts, but also SEC filings analysis. A key feature when transcripts lack direct information to significant events.
November 13, 2018

Does the House Always Win? Viewer Takes on Diverging Insights Among CZR & MGM

Using Viewer's NLP model we explore diverging sentiment between gaming companies, Ceaser's and MGM Resorts to get to the "why" behind the sentiment. Read the restults to see how you can use Viewer to pull meaningful insights from earnings transcripts quickly and accurately.
November 9, 2018

Facebook Recovered in Q3 - Is it Sustainable? We Explore with Amenity Viewer

Facebook impressed last week with its highest scoring earings call of the year on 10/30/18. We use Viewer to gather insights on past and present earnings sentiment to explore two questions: what drove the positive outcome and is this a sustainable trend?
November 5, 2018

Apple Earnings Call Analysis: Amenity Viewer Draws 3 Key Insights to Apple's FY4Q18 Earnings - Trouble Ahead?

Viewer quickly uncovers 3 key insights from Apple's earnings call. See how Amenity Viewer looks at the recent earnings transcripts to derive the underlying issues behind the negativity and potential pitfalls that lie ahead.
October 31, 2018

Colgate Earnings Call Analysis: Colgate's (CL) Disappointing Top Line, is it Surprising?

We explore Colgate-Palmolive's October earnings call to reveal some key insights behind their disappointing earnings call that were easily obtained using Viewer.
October 16, 2018

BlackRock Earnings Call Analysis: BLK Analysis to Kick Off the Unofficial Start of Earnings Season

The unoffical start to earnings season provides us with the opportunity to analyze BlackRock's earnings calls with Amenity Viewer.
October 12, 2018

Delta Earnings Call Analysis: DAL - Setting the Stage for Earnings

Amenity Viewer analyzes Delta's previous earnings call transcripts to set the stage for Delta's upcoming earnings call. We explore two key themes that dominated 2Q earnings call for Delta and the industry as a whole: Fuel costs and Demand.
October 9, 2018

ISCA Earnings Call Analysis: ISCA - Anatomy of a Miss...and Capitulation?

We used Amenity Viewer to analyze the disappointing International Motor Speedway Corp (ISCA) earnings calls and look for insights related to these key questions: Did the company kitchen sink the guide? Or is this jsut the first shoe to drop?
September 25, 2018

Nike Earnings Call Analysis: insights ahead of Nike earnings

We put the Amenity Viewer to work in preparing for tonight’s Nike earnings call, quickly drilling into the key drivers from earnings calls among competitors and channel partners. We highlight key themes and data points to watch.
September 21, 2018

UNFI Earnings Call Analysis: Freight costs claim another victim (UNFI)

We conducted a brief analysis of the disappointing UNFI earnings call through the lens of the Viewer. Additionally, we invite you to our weekly Webex on September 25, 11:00 ET (link), for both new and experienced Viewer users.
September 17, 2018

Oracle Earnings Call Analysis: Insights Ahead of Oracle Earnings

Oracle has been in the news this week after the surprising departure of senior technology executive Thomas Kurian, caused by what is reportedly a disagreement over Oracle's strategy in Cloud. This might put a brighter spotlight on the 9/17 Oracle earnings call, so in preparation we took a deeper look through the Amenity Viewer
September 12, 2018

Apple FY3Q 2018 earnings analysis

You may know and use the Amenity Viewer as the killer research tool for discovering critical insights from thousands of earnings calls every quarter. That is only half the battle. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” - Attributed to multiple people At Amenity, we always look at our data through the eyes of the user. This post captures both our preparation ahead of Apple’s Third Quarter 2018 earnings call, and also our post-call review.